Key Success To An ERP Project Management


When a business grows so do its data, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one of the first steps as a software update. Right now ERP project management is much-needed for any company to sustain in the digital world. Before getting any further, you may also want to understand what is ERP project management? For a successful enterprise software implementation, you need the right factor fo successful ERP project management.

We have many case studies that show inadequate project management leading many businesses into the failure of ERP implementation. So, any organization that lacks the basics of the implementation strategy, according to Gartner 90 Percent of Organizations Will Lack a Postmodern Application Integration Strategy.

Key points for successful ERP implementation strategy

Any project requires in-depth analysis and details about every aspect of it. If the manager is not discussing it with the team, he is probably misleading them or unfit for the role. Therefore, while you hand over the project to the manager, just ensure some key points. The key points will only help you to hire the best management team and avoid failure at all.

1. Characteristics of the project manager

The success of the project is mostly dependent on the manager of the team. This individual is responsible for taking the team along and work in the direction considering the Project scope. So, when we talk about ERP CRM project management, the same person has to be flexible, approachable and creative. He must have three main traits i.e. certainty, accountability, and clarity.

2. Allocation of the appropriate resources

Resources allocation is another crucial point. If you have read some of the case studies of ERP project failure. Most of them clearly show that the inappropriate allocation of resources was one reason for ERP project failure. So, the ERP project management module requires appropriate resources to make it a success for the organization.

3. Coordination within the departments

The way you collaborate and cooperate with your team tells everything about you. It says a lot about your professionalism and works ethics. Therefore, the much need point for the success of ERP software if collaborating with the IT or customer care teams. You need to win their trust and also guide them about the software to ensure successful implementation.

4. Feedback from the team& customers

When you are implementing a new system, the whole dynamics of the organization are going to change. So, getting the feedback and responses from the team and clients is important. And to manage it, you will need sure step methodology. It is a method to enhance customer engagement.

Moreover, you need to include the team in every decision and training session and understand their response to it. It is essential because a little misunderstanding can lead to severe consequences in applying ERP project management and monitoring system.

5. Training

Finally, the most important phase for any software implementations is training. If your team does not understand the features and function of ERP software, how they would take care of the customer and project. So, to manage on-time delivery and quick response, training is the factor to keep in the top priority list while implementing ERP.


In the end, the ERP software is all about the focus, training and top-notch management team. It is not worth an effort if you are not willing to invest in the best team you have within your organization. DFSM is ensuring successful ERP projects for small to mid-size businesses for many years. So, if you need expert advice or help, then let the brilliant people help you with the process of implementation.

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